Kibbutz «The Good Samaritan»

Kibbutz «The Good Samaritan» is a place of compact residence for immigrants.

The kibbutz is located on 2 ha. of land, has a large two-story building of 1000 square meters with separate dining room and households buildings, there are also football and volleyball fields, a basketball court, sports equipment, a conference hall for 100 people, rooms for an overnight stay for 120 people (could be also for rent).


With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, on the basis of the Good Samaritan Charity Fund there were accepted settlers from Crimea and Donbass. Help was provided to several thousand people who, against their will, found themselves in difficult conditions and were forced to leave their homes. To many of them was given an opportunity to equip their lives at the recreation center "Good Samaritan" in Mayaki village (Belyaevsky district, Odessa region).


In such a way an ordinary sanatorium, by joint efforts, turned into a whole cottage settlement - the kibbutz, with its own rules and living conditions. We have been working with immigrants for seven consecutive years, who have an opportunity to earn for living by agricultural activities. We gave them resources for earning such as a cowshed, a piggery, an apiary, hothouses. There also was eqquiped a room for broiler chickens farming. This is the only project which works with such international organizations as UN, IOM, Red Cross.


Kibbutz "The Good Samaritan" is located in the protected area - the Lower Dniester National Natural Park. There are also plans which include the implementation of a town for immigrants. We have 5 ha. of Land for that with assigned cadastral numbers.

What we are expecting from you:

  • partnership in the implementation of our business,
  • assistance in the construction of the town, annual assistance in the form of 20 tons of coal for heating.


We will be happy to consider proposals and assist you to implement your ideas on mutually beneficial conditions.


Adress: Heorhiya Hamova Ln, 3, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65005