Help Ukraine

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During the war in Ukraine, Odessans united to help. Our team receives hundreds of requests for help every day. Mothers with many children, widows, people with disabilities, single pensioners were left completely helpless.

Bomb shelters have become their homes - babies are born here, by the hands of our volunteers, and a new life is urgently organized in response to rocket explosions. Parents try to hide their fear and tears to create the appearance of a carefree childhood for their children in basements. Pharmacies do not work, shelves with products have been emptied, food for newborns has run out. 
We are adapting to a new reality that has no security either day or night.

The amount of needs is huge while our capacity is limited.
Odesa needs your help.



Adress: Heorhiya Hamova Ln, 3, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65005