Second Life of Your Clothes

Your goodness makes the world a better place!

This project is launched to give away one’s clothes and help low-income people, large families, or vulnerable groups. It works for both Odesa and the whole country.

The Good Samaritan started gathering humanitarian assistance in Ukraine with great ambition. Tons of clothes are being saved every week achieving an environmental impact. Citizens develop their environmental awareness when they donate their clothes, while one who gets those clothes can save their money for medicines and food.

We accept clothes, shoes, household chemicals, baby accessories, and furniture in good condition.
Sort Facility
The central collection point for humanitarian aid
We want to create a comfortable workplace for volunteers who sort the clothes.
Your support at My City and Moy Gorod can make it a reality!

How the Collection Works


A post about the project on the internet



Collection of worthy items and delivery to the collection point: 
  1. Balkovska st, 115
  2. Krasnova st, 3b
  3. George Gamov Garden, 3


Transportation of the items to the collection point, preparation to a distribution


How the Distribution Works

Acceptance of applications

Relocated people from eastern Ukraine and low-income citizens apply at the reception point at George Gamov Garden, 3.
Working hours: 9:00 – 18:00

Acceptance of applications

Collecting items

Preparation and breaking-up the items into categories

Helping those who need it

Distribution according to the applications

Transfer to boarding schools and nursing homes in Odesa and in the region.

Delivery to prisoners, relocated, low-income, and people with large families.

Helping those who need it

Join Us!
You can help in sorting the items as well as support us financially to purchase gas for vehicles and improve working conditions in the winter.


Adress: Heorhiya Hamova Ln, 3, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65005