Your goodness makes the world a better place!

Each year The Good Samaritan Charity Fund opens The Residence of Goodness. It’s during tough times when one needs a miracle. This is a completely non-commercial project and we carry out all activities by the forces of our community. It is not enough to visit an orphanage or a boarding school once a year bearing toys and sweets. Children need attention and help in socialization. We visit our wards in the boarding schools of the Odessa region every week.

The purpose of The Residence of Goodness is to promote charity and help people with their good deeds. We show that charity is easy, fun, and enjoyable!

In The Residence


The Good Guest

You can bring a parcel to the Residence for a festive table of single seniors who live below the edge of poverty. For more than two years now we have been collecting food parcels for single and needy seniors. Eventually, we deliver them directly to the homes of those who need our care.

Wonderful Christmas

100 families with children with disabilities will receive gifts gathered at the Residence. We help guests of the Residence in gathering such unique gifts. Our partners will add the necessary medicines.

Gather a Good Gift

We save children’s dreams about the New Year gifts that would be really useful. Talking to each child we detect their avocation. Thousands are involved in gathering gifts. Therefore, we manage to draw attention to each child and show them to people on social media, outside the boarding schools. This way we help to find a family for dozens of children, promoting the processes of adoption, guardianship, and mentoring.

The Second Life for Your Clothes

The New Year is the time to let the old go. One can take their clothes and shoes in good condition to the Residence and will hand them over to those in need. The previous year blessed us with several tons of items.


The Residence offers masterclasses for adults and children, Christmas shows, performances, children's choir singing, a marathon of carols, and a warm food court. This year, we want to collect at least 2 000 useful gifts for children from orphanages, about a ton of clothes, at least 200 holiday food parcels. You can help us collect those gifts by bringing some or all of them to The Residence of Goodness.

Become a Resident of Goodness

We seek the support of all the concerned folks. Let's make this New Year really festive. Equally festive for everyone.

Would love to join? We are looking forward to hearing from you at +380973757229 – Natalia Terekhova


Adress: Heorhiya Hamova Ln, 3, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65005