The Good Guest

Your goodness makes the world a better place!

Food parcels, health care, and domestic assistance for seniors. Many of them have disabilities and illnesses.
Usually, people at risk of poverty are on their own with these challenges. The Good Guest is launched by the social platform Dobroe Delo and is being realized with the support of The Good Samaritan.
Retail companies also participate in the project, they provide food parcels. concerned fellow citizens purchase and deliver goods.
Join Us!

You may pack food parcels, deliver them by your car, or purchase the goods.

Sort Facility
The central collection point for humanitarian aid
We want to create a comfortable workplace for volunteers who sort the clothes.
Your support at My City and Moy Gorod can make it a reality!


Adress: Heorhiya Hamova Ln, 3, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65005